List of Hiking Trails Concurred

Here is a list of hikes that I have done. They are in no particular order.

I will try to add pictures from each hike so you have a sense of the beautiful scenery of each. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like more information about these hikes, I would suggest trying the website,, input the name of the hike and read the description provided. There are often pictures provided for each hike as well.

Happy hiking!


  1. Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park
  2. Red Rock Canyon, Waterton National Park
  3. Boom Lake Trail, Banff National Park
  4. Lake Agnes Tea House, Banff National Park
  5. Plains of Six Glaciers Tea House, Banff National Park
  6. Big Beehive, Banff National Park
  7. Castle Mountain Lookout, Banff National Park
  8. C-Level Cirque Trail, Banff National Park
  9. Rummel Lake, Kananaskis
  10. Rawson Lake, Kananaskis
  11. Elbow Lake to Rae Glacier, Kananaskis
  12. Mount Edith Cavill, Jasper National Park


Algonquin Provincial Park

  1. Booth’s Rock
  2. Logging Museum
  3. Beaver Pond
  4. Barron Canyon
  5. Berm Lake
  6. Big Pines
  7. Centennial Ridges  (including by snowshoe)
  8. Hardwood Lookout
  9. Hemlock Bluff
  10. Lookout
  11. Mizzy Lake
  12. Peck Lake
  13. Whiskey Rapids
  14. Two Rivers
  15. Spruce Bog Boardwalk
  16. Track and Tower

Arrowhead Provincial Park

  1. Big Bend Lookout
  2. Stubb’s Falls

Awenda Provincial Park

  1. Beach

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

  1. Lookout
  2. Plantation

Bon Echo Provincial Park

  1. Bon Echo Creek
  2. Cliff Top
  3. High Pines
  4. Shield

Charleston Lake Provincial Park

  1. Shoreline Centennial
  2. Hemlock Ridge
  3. Quiddity

Chutes Provincial Park

  1. Twin Bridges

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

  1. Fletcher’s Mill Pond

Ferris Provincial Park

  1. Ranney Falls
  2. River Gorge

French River Provincial Park

  1. Recollet Falls

Frontenac Provincial Park

  1. Arab Lake Gorge

Grundy Lake Provincial Park

  1. Swan Lake
  2. Gut Lake
  3. Beaver Dams

Halfway Lake Provincial Park

  1. Osprey Heights

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